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Change Internal Note to default tab

I am setting up a new 1.10 install. I'd like to change the default tab in a ticket from Post Reply to Post Internal Note. I found a thread from a ways back on how to do this: but the code that is referenced doesn't seem to exist in 1.10. Is there any way to do this now?


  • edited January 2017
    Change around lines 525-536 to:

            <ul class="tabs" id="response-tabs">
            <li><a href="#note" <?php
                echo isset($errors['postnote']) ?  'class="error"' : ''; ?>
                id="post-note-tab"><?php echo __('Post Internal Note');?></a></li>
            if ($role->hasPerm(TicketModel::PERM_REPLY)) { ?>
            <li class="active <?php
                echo isset($errors['reply']) ? 'error' : ''; ?>"><a
                href="#reply" id="post-reply-tab"><?php echo __('Post Reply');?></a></li>
            } ?>

    This should obey permissions when someone has no access to post reply.
  • Sweet, that did it. Thanks
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