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Storage :: Attachments on the Filesystem


I have the following problem that I can not select the attachments stored in the file system in the settings of the ticket system.
I can only select the attachments stored in the database.

I also have uploaded the plugin "Storage :: Attachments on the filesystem" the file storage-fs.phar under /include/plugins but the selection in the backend does not appear.

What am I doing wrong
Thank you


  • And did you migrate the files from the DB to the file ssytem after installing and enabling?
  • edited January 2017
    Hello together,

    I am really sorry that I have overlooked the forum contribution.
    Thanks @mfelber

    No here I did nothing, because I have installed the ticket system completely new
    Or do I have to do something else here?

    Kind regards
  • Hello, did you enable the plugin by going to Admin Panel > Manage > Plugins > Add New Plugin if you have not done so, if you have then:

    Click on Attachments on the filesystem > configure the location where to store attachments. Make sure the location has proper permissions set, as if you are running Linux, you need to know that apache is run as apache or nobody, so make sure to take that into account, if not sure, try with 777 permissions, then look who/how saved the files there, then lower permissions to minimum.

    Hope this helps :)
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