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Limit ticket access to ONLY assigned tickets - using 1.10


we updated our installation to 1.10. Now I am trying an old issue. We would like to use osticket like this: First level members for project A have access to all open first level tickets for project A... AND they have access to closed first level tickets for project A.

I thought 1.10 would have the possibility to customize like this? Any ideas?
We used "Limit ticket access to ONLY assigned tickets" - but then closed tickets aren't accessible.

I tried to use a customized search (see Closed tickets are counted after customized search, but not accessible.



  • Agents only have access to tickets that are: 
    • assigned to a department they have access to.
    • assigned to a team they have access to.
    • assigned directly to them.
    Make a department of team for Project A - Level 1.  Assign tickets to that department.
    Give level 1 agents access to that department.
  • Hi ntozier,

    Thanks for your reply. I don't understand exactly. With the help of your configuration... what would happen after closing one ticket? Can the agent who closed this ticket have access (and colleagues, too...)? I don't think so?

    Kind regards

  • Assuming that the ticket is still in the department that the user has access to yes they still have access to it.

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