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Enable auto-cron has disapeared in osticket 1.10

Hi, I've installed osticket 1.10 which seems to work fine with english language, but I haven't found the option to enable auto-cron in incoming emails.

Osticket 1.9.6: Admin Panel >> Settings >> Emails >> Incoming emails I could check two options "Look for email:  enable  and loof for auto-cron".

But in osticket 1.10 this option has disapeared and I don't foun how to enable auto-cron to convert email to ticket. 

P.D.: I've already set in the email option to look for this every one minute, but I need to find auto-cron enable option

I'd be really grateful if anyone could help o tell me how to do this in osticket 1.10



  • edited January 2017
    Admin panel -> Emails -> Settings.

    But honestly you would really use Cron or Windows Task Scheduler to run cron.php.  
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