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Forms not populating on emailed tickets

I have a system email being piped into osTicket 1.9.14.
I have defined that email address and given it help topic A.
I have defined that help topic as using a custom form, but when the emails come through the form isn't part of the ticket.
Also when I edit the ticket and click manage forms it isnt in the ticket list - I can add it. But when I do - it still doesnt appear!?

Am I missing something?


  • What I am trying to do is make a form available within the ticket so agents can populate variables taken from the emails, as well as add internal data, that the user will not know.

  • I think I see whats happening. I need to click the "Edit" button on the toolbar  on the new ticket, then I can see the forms and enter the data required.

    I'm guessing I can use a canned response to display all that information back into the body of the ticket.

  • Click on the ticket 
    Click on the Gear.
    Click on Manage Forms.
    Add the form you want.
    Populate the data points.

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