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Possible Bug, Open tickets that are assigned

Good afternoon,
We are running OSTicket 1.10 now and loving it.
We are used to seeing everyones assigned tickets in the departments we have available to us.
for example, I am in IT, but I could also see all cabling tickets (assigned and unassigned).

we have noticed that tickets that are unanswered (open) and get assigned are no longer in the open queue though.
so we have no way of seeing others tickets, that is unless they put a reply, then we could see them all in the answered Queue.

One solution for this, which I am not sure if it is available yet, is to put the ticket assigning portion as a "reply".
This way, the client also gets an email that their ticket has been assigned, and to whom it was assigned.
This would be a nice feature overall, maybe as an option to the standard "internal" type of assign comment.

please let me know if you would like examples, or if I have explained this well enough.

Jason Pichie


  • edited February 2017
    Hello @jpichie, you mean you have enabled Admin Panel > Settings > Tickets > Settings > Assigned Tickets Exclude assigned tickets from open queue (Enable this feature to exclude assigned tickets from the Open Tickets Queue.)? :)

    Or is this something else?
  • @sperrow
    EXACTLY THIS! See what happens when you go from a version that is over 7 years old to the latest? You don't know jack about all the settings that have been added.
    thank you for this :)
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