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Responses to a Closed Ticket

Running OSTicket version 1.10

Is there anyway a ticket can be automatically reopened if somebody has responded to it when closed.

For example, we have been dealing with a problem and from our end we believe that it has been resolved, so we close off the ticket.
Then a week later the user who reported the problem originally decides to reply to the old email again. But we do not know that the reply exists because the problem is closed.

Just looking to see if there is a way that the ticket can be reopened or we are notified that somebody has responded to a closed Ticket. 



  • edited February 2017
    Hello @comeonyoublues, yes there is:
    Admin Panel > Manage > Lists > Ticket Status > Pick existing status or make a new one,e.g., Resolved > Click on your status > Item Properties > Tick "Allow tickets on this status to be reopened by end users", chose Reopen Status or leave it as system default.

    Hope that helps :)

    But do keep in mind, instead of closed ticket you would need it to close it as resolved and after a week or so you probably would want to close it, e.g.,
    If customer has not come back within a week, ticket is closed. Closed status means it cannot be re-opened again and a new ticket would be created.

    P.S. You do get notification that a new message has been added to the ticket, it is automatically re-opened. If you have set that up that is, it goes to the last assigned agent or whatever you have set.
  • thank you very much sperrow. 
  • This is new behavior if the response is going on the old ticket and it is remaining closed. 

    In previous versions of osTicket we had played around with the "allow tickets to be reopened..." setting because we had a lot of tickets getting opened back up with a user simply saying "thanks". 

    The behavior then was that instead of it reopening the closed ticket for that response. The response would generate a new ticket, which also was not what we had wanted. 

    If closed tickets are getting responses and not reopening, and the response is not then generating a new ticket, then as I said, this is new behavior.

  • Hi Sperrow, I tried what you suggested on the Resolved custom list but it did not work, the ticket did not reopen.
    Do you have any other ideas?
  • Hello @comeonyoublues, did you set ticket status to resolved after setting it up? If the status was still set to closed, it would not open the ticket. It is worth to mention, ticket creator can re-open the ticket, I am not sure about other though.

    Can you post screenshots of your Ticket Status list + Item Properties for the Resolved state?

  • Hi Sperrow, thanks for getting is screenshot, I also tried changing 'Reopen Status' to Open as well but this did not work either.
  • Hello @comeonyoublues, what about existing tickets? They must be in resolved state first under the closed tab, only then they can be reopened.
  • Hello sperrow, Yes the tickets I tested against were in resolved state
  • Change "System Default" to "open".
    Your settings appear identical to mine other wise.
  • thanks for your response ntozier, i made the change as you suggested and started to do some testing, the ticket still does not open, but more worryingly during my testing I raised a ticket which was accepted by the OSTicket system ok, but, the content said it was (empty), I then replied to it from the ticketing system to the original user, then I replied to this.... again the ticket in OSTicket accepted the reply, but, again it said it was (empty)... so looks like I have another issue on my hands, will try to search the forum to see if anybody else has experienced this.   
  • Are you using PHP7+ by any chance?
  • Just waiting to contact our engineer who installed the software, hopefully he will be able to answer this.
    Are you saying we should not be using PHP7+ with OSTicket 1.10?  
  • In our system settings following is the version of PHP we are running, is this incorrect:

  • Do not think following posted correctly before... following is what we are using:


  • I would recommend downgrading to PHP 5.6.  Many people have reported wonky issues with 7+.
  • Thanks ntozier, I will get this done shortly and see if this resolves our current issues... will let you know.
  • I am having the same issue.  Were you able to find a resolution?
  • Sorry Barr... our technical person refused to downgrade it at the moment so we are currently living with it. If you do find a resolution I would appreciate it if you could let me know. 
  • Thanks for the quick reply.  I am able to control the PHP version and am running 5.6.30 with the same issue.  Ill let you know when I come up with a fix.

    I did find this query that can look for tickets with a reply after the closed date.

    SELECT ticket.ticket_id, ticket.number, ticket.lastupdate, ticket.closed FROM '.TICKET_TABLE.' ticket 
           WHERE ticket.lastupdate > ticket.closed
           ORDER BY ticket.lastupdate DESC
  • Thank-you Barr
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