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Displaying individual custom form fields

OSTicket Version: v1.10 (901e5ea)


I have added in the option to print off a customer ticket from a thermal printer, which is just a small ticket with company details, ticket number, date created so our customers can call up and inquire about their jobs (if anyone is interested in how we go about this I can put some more detail in). 
We want a custom field to be printed on it as well; in this case an "item" field that we list the type of device eg. laptop, phone etc.
My question is how can I show just one custom field? The code from ticket-vew-inc.php is what I'm using but it lists all custom fields and I need to be able to just show individual fields as required.  

My coding ability isn't up to this task, any help would be greatly appreciated!

The code in question:

foreach (DynamicFormEntry::forTicket($ticket->getId()) as $form) {
    // Skip core fields shown earlier in the ticket view
    // TODO: Rewrite getAnswers() so that one could write
    //       ->getAnswers()->filter(not(array('field__name__in'=>
    //           array('email', ...))));
    $answers = $form->getAnswers()->exclude(Q::any(array(
        'field__flags__hasbit' => DynamicFormField::FLAG_EXT_STORED,
        'field__name__in' => array('subject', 'priority')
    $displayed = array();
    foreach($answers as $a) {
        if (!($v = $a->display()))
        $displayed[] = array($a->getLocal('label'), $v);
    if (count($displayed) == 0)
    <table class="ticket_info custom-data" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0" width="940" border="0">
        <th colspan="2"><?php echo Format::htmlchars($form->getTitle()); ?></th>
    foreach ($displayed as $stuff) {
        list($label, $v) = $stuff;
            <td width="200"><?php
echo Format::htmlchars($label);
echo $v;
<?php } ?>
<?php } ?>


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