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[resolved] HTTP 500 osTicket-v1.10


I would like to install osTicket-v1.10 but I get an error Message (see attached file). I have installed IIS for Windows and uploaded the "upload" folder to the the server.

Here are informations about the system

Windows Server 2008 R2 Enterprise SP1 with all windows Updates
Installed Software see attached file "installed_Software"
Installed WPI features can you see with the attached files WPI_1...WPI_3

I think I have installed all that is required

Please can anybode help me?

Best regards.





  • You appear to have ten versions of PHP installed.  I would remove all but 5.6 for starters.

    I would recommend taht you find a tutorial for installing IIS and PHP and get that running first before you try to install anything else.  Then add MySQL/MariaDB.  Then osTicket.

    Start here:
  • Ok thanks a lot, I will test it and inform you about the progress.
  • edited February 13
    I have installed a complete new Server and have installed PHP IIS etc. exactly how described in the manual.

    I have checked PHP and it is running, but i still get the same error.

    Windows Firewall is off
    no AV-Software is installed
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    Some screens

    1299 x 952 - 261K
    1087 x 669 - 68K
  • The problem is solved, I have tried it from another PC (and Firefox) and ther I was able to run the configuration.
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