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[resolved] Bug - Once again: Truncated mails in v1.10

very similar to

I think osTicket has some trouble with Unicode Symbols since it truncate mails.

For example, the mail (here it is the plain text of the mail body)

first text =F0=9F=8C=9E=20
last text
is truncated after 'first text'.

The Content-Type of the original mail is: text/plain; charset=UTF-8


  • Whats the collation on that DB table / field in your database?
  • > Whats the collation on that DB table / field in your database?

  • Yes we don't support emojis and yes osTicket will truncate the emails after the symbol. There is a pull request that is being looked at and should make it in the the next version to support emojis and not truncate the emails. Just keep watching the thread here:
  • This bug is very frustrating since more and more users use emojis.

    Is there a hack or workaround availble to get osticket working with emojis?
  • @com_tom The github report that KevinTheJedi posted in February is showing you how you can enable the support for 4-byte characters like emojis. Why do you not use this information?
  • Very odd. Indeed, I have applyed the patch in February, but it seems a backup has overridden the changed code. So I thought this issue was not be solved. I have applied the patch again and it works. Sorry.
  • edited November 2017
    Such things happen. Nobody is perfect ;-)
  • Should I close this thread?
  • Yes, please close it since the patch works perfect.
This discussion has been closed.