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osTicket v1.10 (stable) and Maintenance Release v1.9.15 are now available! Go get it now

1.10 - Auto respond to ticket submitted by e-mail

OSTicket 1.10
RHEL 7.3
httpd 2.4.6
MariaDB 5.5.52
PHP 5.4.45

I have got OSTicket set up where, if a user submits a ticket by going to the website, they are automatically sent a confirmation e-mail: "Support Ticket Opened [#123456]"; here are my autoresponder settings:

New Ticket:     Ticket Owner
New Ticket by Agent:     Ticket Owner
New Message:     Submitter: Send receipt confirmation
Participants: Send new activity notice

If a user submits a ticket via our e-mail address specified in E-mails --> E-mails, a "New Ticket Alert" is automatically e-mailed to me, so I can tell the server is able to send out e-mails.

I'm looking for a very specific functionality, as 99% of tickets are submitted via e-mail: when a user e-mail submits a ticket, OSTicket should automatically reply to the sender with a ticket number and link, as if they had submitted it via Web.




  • Was there a specific question in there? It sounds like you just said it is doing what you want it to do.

  • Sorry about that.

    The functionality I'm seeking that I cannot get it to do is to automatically send confirmation e-mail to users when they submit a ticket via e-mail.
  • Under Admin Panel > Emails > Emails > [your email address]

    Do you have Auto Response: Disable for this Email Address   checked?

  • You can also check auto response options for your Help Topics

    Admin Panel > Manage > Help Topics > [your help topic] > New Ticket Options 

    Auto Response:Disable new ticket auto response
  • I have both of those "Disable" boxes unchecked.
  • Are you using any ticket filters that might be set to disable auto response?

  • also check the department level.
  • I've checked all the following:

    1. Admin --> Manage -> Help Topics ->
    (each help topic) -> New ticket options Tab -> Ensure Disable
    ticket auto response
    is NOT checked.

    2. Admin --> Emails -> Settings ->
    Default Template Set (ensure this is setting exists and is set)

    3. Admin --> Emails -> Templates ->
    Ensure status is enabled.

    4. Admin -> Settings -> System ->
    Autoresponder Tab -> Ensure all New Ticket and New Message boxes
    are checked.

  • you didn't list   Admin Panel > Emails > Emails > [your email address]
  • In Admin Panel --> Emails --> I have Auto-Response Disabled unchecked. Here's how I have e-mail set up:

    Email address:
    IMAP server:
    Port 993 is a distribution list that goes to plus myself [this way, I see ticket the instant they come in rather than after OSTicket's once-a-minute cronjob]. OSTicket checks "", a service account in Office 365.

    Could this be a problem? That the e-mail address is different from the username?

    Our SMTP server is, which is an open-access, no-authentication SMTP server run by our university's central IT for use on PDF scanners and web apps.
  • Have a read through for background and workaround

    TL;DR The problem is the x-auto-response-suppress header on distribution lists
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