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osTicket, auto assignation by account

I am evaluating osTicket for a company who repair printers.

When company's customers need support, they have to log in osTicket to open a issue.

First, they have to be able to select one device id (or serial number) of their broken printer. For this, I will need to populate the relation id_device-account in somewhere. Then they will select the kind of issue and will apport other datas.

After the issue was saved, the system have to assig that ticket to a technician (for this I will need to populate a second list with the relation between staff-memebers and accounts).

Where can I define these lists with relations (device-account and staff-member-account) and how can I performed these automations?

Thanks in advance and regards, Gonzalo


  • If this is possible it would be done with Ticket Filters.

    Admin panel -> Manage -> Ticket Filters.

    I'm not sure that can be done though.
  • Thank you ntozier, filters can be used to trigger automations? What event can be manage?

    On the other hand,  custom lists looks very interesting to include products serial numbers but I need to create a relation with accounts. Could be possible?

  • Admin panel -> Manage -> Ticket Filters.
    Go take a look. :)
  • edited February 2017
    ntozier.... I checked Ticket Filters... I will use it to re-assign ticket. Thank you.

    In order to guide how users complete ticket form, I want to include to each user a list of his company's serial numbers. To do this... I did a custom list and a custom form with this list and I included it into a new organization but its users don't see my list in web ticket form. What I doing wrong?

  • If you want users to see it in the ticket you have to add it some place that the users will see it.  (one of the built in forms or a help topic)
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