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osTicket v1.10 (stable) and Maintenance Release v1.9.15 are now available! Go get it now

Agents reply to tickets via email


I've seen few threads on this topic but none of them were solved, imho.

We use emails to allow our agents to reply to tickets and we want the response to be sent to the customer.
Current osTicket's behaviour is that the agent's reply is saved as a note which is internally stored but not forwarded to customer.

There is a "workaround" in the forums for previous osTicket which doesn't apply to 1.10 (current) version.

a) anyone has already a patch for 1.1 ?
b) is this in the roadmap of the osTicket product ?
b) anyone want to help to develop a MOD for this ?

Thank you all and the osTicket team

PS: we currently use Cerberus to manage tickets and we cannot move to osTicket because of this.


  • Q: a) anyone has already a patch for 1.1 ?
    A: There is no such version as 1.1.  So no one has a patch for this... Do you mean 1.10 or 1.11 which isn't out yet?

    Q: b) is this in the roadmap of the osTicket product ?
    A: Not that I know of.

    Q: b) anyone want to help to develop a MOD for this ?
    A: I'd like to see this developed as a plugin, but do not have any interest in the feature myself.

  • Hi,
    I think he was talking about 1.10. 

    We would need this very urgently too, because some staff is always out of the office but has to answer tickets. 

    If anyone has a solution it would be great because we cant really use without this function. In the past there were some hacks - but I couldnt find for 1.10.

    Thanks for any idea / solution!!!


  • I believe that there is a PR on github that allows this, or its in a thread here on the forums.
  • What is a "PR"? I searched much time now and didnt find anything. D you remeber any words I could search for?
  • PR = Pull Request

  • Hi and thanks! Searched there and found ->

    Seems that many people would be very happy having this feature because they need it too and many of them requested alraedy in earlier versions. Maybe that OS should think about just implementing the code that others have written ... maybe as an option one can de/activate?!

    Will try this patch today at night if nnobody is working / using the system and hope tat it works (again)!

    Thanks ... regards

  • @Walhalla is this working?
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