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[resolved] ost_translation table is missing

I'm having some big problems trying to upgrade 1.9.12 to 1.10. The database imported just fine via phpMyAdmin, and I copied up all the files in the /upload directory of the downloaded install package. When I try to visit the scp/ directory, though, I get a 500 error. Apache's error log reports the following:

PHP Fatal error:  Uncaught exception 'InconsistentModelException' with message 'Unab
le to prepare query:  SELECT A1.* FROM `ost_translation` A1 WHERE (A1.`lang` = 'en_U
S' AND A1.`type` = 'phrase')' in /var/www/html/include/class.orm.php:3134\nStack tra
ce:\n#0 /var/www/html/include/class.orm.php(3180): MySqlExecutor->execute()\n#1 /var
/www/html/include/class.orm.php(1771): MySqlExecutor->getArray()\n#2 /var/www/html/i
nclude/class.orm.php(1815): ModelInstanceManager->{closure}()\n#3 /var/www/html/incl
ude/class.orm.php(1794): CallbackSimpleIterator->next()\n#4 /var/www/html/include/cl
ass.orm.php(1803): CallbackSimpleIterator->rewind()\n#5 /var/www/html/include/class.
orm.php(1463): CallbackSimpleIterator->valid()\n#6 /var/www/html/include/class.orm.p
hp(1480): CachedResultSet->fillTo(9223372036854775807)\n#7 /var/www/html/include/cla
ss.orm.php(1489): CachedResultSet->asArray()\n#8 /var/www/html/include/class.transla
tion.php(899): CachedResultSet->getIterator()\n#9 /var/www/html/include/class.transl
ation.php(920): CustomDataTranslation::getTra in /var/www/html/include/class.orm.php
on line 3134

It looks like it's telling me that the ost_translation table is missing, but shouldn't the upgrade script be invoked and create this table when I load the admin panel?

We're running PHP 5.6.29 on Apache 2.4.25 on an Amazon AMI Linux system. Our version of MySQL is 5.6.27. osTicket 1.9.12 ran just fine on this server with these conditions.

(This is not our live instance, thank goodness. This is just an attempt to upgrade on an internal server before we go live with the new site.)

Please advise. TIA.


  • The last time I saw something like this was with 1.10rc1 (release candidate 1)...

    You are using the version of 1.10 from right?
  • Hello there,

    Maybe you're encountering a similar issue I got installing a new OSTicket, with the French language pack, resulting in a 500 error from the server. I had to install OSTicket in English first then activate French, which is really not what I needed as I have to do all the translation for mails and so on.

    They said the packs have been updated to 1.10 but it seems they didn't update the database part of those.
  • Hello @FrancoisH, please do not hijack other peoples thread. If you have a problem you need help with - open a new thread :)
  • Hi Ntozier,

    Yep, I'm using the official download.

  • @underpope I've asked the devs to take a look at this thread for you.  I have no idea what the issue is.
  • @ntozier Thanks, I appreciate it.
  • I seem to have gotten it working. I deleted all of the files on the server and replaced them with the code for 1.9.12. Then I logged in to the admin panel and completed the upgrade from there. This time it worked. No clue what the problem was.
  • Huh.  Wierd.  Well I'm glad that you got it sorted out at least. 

    I'll mark this resolved and close it, but feel free to start another thread if you have addition / more questions. 
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