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issues with add new user

Hi everyone, 
This is my first ticket here and I hope I could solve the problem with the help of you.

- We have installed the system successfully on our sub-domain at

- Due to our policies, we won't let users signup by themselves and our agents do that.

- But now, when we click on "add user" and enter the proper information (image 1), it starts to load forever (image 2)
image 1: 

image 2:

- I have insert the error log we've got for this action

Mailer Error
Unable to email via php mail mail() returned failure
 DB Error #1146
[SELECT A4.`staff_id` AS `lock__staff_id`, A1.`staff_id` AS `staff_id`, A1.`isoverdue` AS `isoverdue`, A1.`team_id` AS `team_id`, A1.`ticket_id` AS `ticket_id`, A1.`number` AS `number`, A2.`subject` AS `cdata__subject`, A6.`address` AS `user__default_email__address`, A1.`source` AS `source`, A3.`priority_color` AS `cdata__:priority__priority_color`, A3.`priority_desc` AS `cdata__:priority__priority_desc`, A1.`status_id` AS `status_id`, A7.`name` AS `status__name`, A7.`state` AS `status__state`, A1.`dept_id` AS `dept_id`, A8.`name` AS `dept__name`, A5.`name` AS `user__name`, A1.`lastupdate` AS `lastupdate`, A1.`isanswered` AS `isanswered`, B0.`firstname` AS `staff__firstname`, B0.`lastname` AS `staff__lastname`, B1.`name` AS `team__name`, (SELECT COUNT(R0.`id`) AS `count` FROM `ost_thread` Q7 JOIN `ost_ticket` Q8 ON (Q7.`object_type` = 'T' AND Q7.`object_id` = Q8.`ticket_id`) LEFT JOIN `ost_thread_collaborator` R0 ON (Q7.`id` = R0.`thread_id`) WHERE Q8.`ticket_id` = A1.`ticket_id`) AS collab_count, (SELECT COUNT(R1.`id`) AS `count` FROM `ost_thread` Q7 JOIN `ost_ticket` Q8 ON (Q7.`object_type` = 'T' AND Q7.`object_id` = Q8.`ticket_id`) LEFT JOIN `ost_thread_entry` R0 ON (Q7.`id` = R0.`thread_id`) LEFT JOIN `ost_attachment` R1 ON (R1.`type` = 'H' AND R0.`id` = R1.`object_id`) WHERE Q8.`ticket_id` = A1.`ticket_id` AND R1.`inline` = 0) AS attachment_count, (SELECT COUNT(R0.`id`) AS `count` FROM `ost_thread` Q7 JOIN `ost_ticket` Q8 ON (Q7.`object_type` = 'T' AND Q7.`object_id` = Q8.`ticket_id`) LEFT JOIN `ost_thread_entry` R0 ON (Q7.`id` = R0.`thread_id`) WHERE Q8.`ticket_id` = A1.`ticket_id` AND NOT R0.`flags` & 4 != 0) AS thread_count FROM `ost_ticket` A1 LEFT JOIN `ost_ticket__cdata` A2 ON (A1.`ticket_id` = A2.`ticket_id`) LEFT JOIN `ost_ticket_priority` A3 ON (A2.`priority` = A3.`priority_id`) LEFT JOIN `ost_lock` A4 ON (A1.`lock_id` = A4.`lock_id` AND A4.`expire` > NOW()) JOIN `ost_user` A5 ON (A1.`user_id` = A5.`id`) LEFT JOIN `ost_user_email` A6 ON (A5.`default_email_id` = A6.`id`) JOIN `ost_ticket_status` A7 ON (A1.`status_id` = A7.`id`) JOIN `ost_department` A8 ON (A1.`dept_id` = A8.`id`) LEFT JOIN `ost_staff` B0 ON (A1.`staff_id` = B0.`staff_id`) LEFT JOIN `ost_team` B1 ON (A1.`team_id` = B1.`team_id`) WHERE A1.`ticket_id` IN (SELECT A1.`ticket_id` FROM `ost_ticket` A1 JOIN `ost_ticket_status` A2 ON (A1.`status_id` = A2.`id`) WHERE A1.`isanswered` = 0 AND A2.`state` = 'open' AND ((A2.`state` = 'open' AND A1.`staff_id` = 1) OR A1.`dept_id` IN ('1'))) GROUP BY A4.`staff_id`, A1.`staff_id`, A1.`isoverdue`, A1.`team_id`, A1.`ticket_id`, A1.`number`, A2.`subject`, A6.`address`, A1.`source`, A3.`priority_color`, A3.`priority_desc`, A1.`status_id`, A7.`name`, A7.`state`, A1.`dept_id`, A8.`name`, A5.`name`, A1.`lastupdate`, A1.`isanswered`, B0.`firstname`, B0.`lastname`, B1.`name` ORDER BY A3.`priority_urgency` ASC, A1.`lastupdate` DESC] Table 'MAGAsupport.ost_ticket__cdata' doesn't exist


Any help would be much appreciated




  • Please help us to help you by reading and following the posting guidelines located in this thread: Please read before requesting assistance.  The more information you give us the better we will be able to assist you. Thank you.

    Besides your environment information, you might want to see why your ost_ticket__cdata table doesn't exist.
  • edited February 2017
    Here is my software version information:

    Server Information
    osTicket Version v1.10 (901e5ea) —  Up to date
    Web Server Software Apache
    MySQL Version 5.5.52
    PHP Version 5.6.30

    PHP Extensions
    gdlib Used for image manipulation and PDF printing
    imap Used for email fetching
    xml XML API
    xml-dom Used for HTML email processing
    json Improves performance creating and processing JSON
    mbstring Highly recommended for non western european language content
    phar Highly recommended for plugins and language packs
    intl Highly recommended for non western european language content
    fileinfo Used to detect file types for uploads
    APCu Improves overall performance
    Zend Opcache Improves overall performance

    PHP Settings
    cgi.fix_pathinfo "1" is recommended if AJAX is not working
    date.timezone Setting default timezone is highly recommended
    Database Information and Usage
    Schema MAGAsupport (localhost)
    Schema Signature 98ad7d550c26ac44340350912296e673
    Space Used 2.75 MiB
    Space for Attachments 0.03 MiB
    Timezone IRST (Interpreted as Asia/Tehran)

    And about ost_ticket__cdata, where should I put the table? I have uploaded all the files inside upload folder and connected them to the database; didn't know about the ost_ticket__cdata table.

  • What permissions does your DB user have on the database?

    The ost_ticket__cdata is routinely dropped and rebuilt on the fly when you visit the ticket tab.
  • Here is the screen shot of the DB user:

  • Then I have no idea why your installation isn't making the table.
    HAve you checked your error logs?
  • yes i did. i already put the error log in the first comment, please check
  • I'm having the same problem, did you solve it? Thank you!
  • Hi amota, no actually I couldn't. I still wait for a solution from osTicket devs.
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