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Multiple Front ends

I am trying to create multiple frontend for OSticket so each department has its own front end for people to add tickets to. On the open.php page I am trying to filter the help topics by department id. So it would only show tickets for department 2 (which could be HR)

I have found the code that is loading the drop down for ticket categories. This is in the file

                if($topics=Topic::getPublicHelpTopics()) {
                    foreach($topics as $id =>$name) {
                        echo sprintf('<option value="%d" %s>%s</option>',
                                $id, ($info['topicId']==$id)?'selected="selected"':'', $name);
                } else { ?>

I could just write some basic SQL to get the records but id like to know where this data is coming from ie the getPublicHelpTopics

If there is any reading I need to do around this please let me know. My coding is abit rusty
Any questions ask away and I will explain as best as I can


  • I presume your running v1.10?

    Off the top of my head:
    help topics are stored in the ost_help_topic table.
    forms associated with the topic are identified in the ost_help_topic_form table.
  • Thank you however what is getPublicHelpTopics and where do I find it
  • I am abit furth in the puzzle. I have found the class.topic.php which defines the getPublicHelpTopics function. So far on the function I have

    the bit I don't understand is how this is filtering the tickets. Below is where my code is so far. I understand I need to pass the argument in, so I have setup 3, 1 for each department. The part of code I am really not understanding the the //resolve parent names part

    static function getHelpTopics($publicOnly=false, $disabled=false, $itonly=false, $hronly=false, $finonly=false) {
            global $cfg;
            static $topics, $names = array();

            if (!$names) {
                $sql = 'SELECT topic_id, topic_pid, ispublic, isactive, topic, dept_id FROM '.TOPIC_TABLE
                    . ' ORDER BY `sort`';
                $res = db_query($sql);

                // Fetch information for all topics, in declared sort order
                $topics = array();
                while (list($id, $pid, $pub, $act, $topic) = db_fetch_row($res))
                    $topics[$id] = array('pid'=>$pid, 'public'=>$pub,
                        'disabled'=>!$act, 'topic'=>$topic, 'dept_idid'=>$depid );

                // Resolve parent names
                foreach ($topics as $id=>$info) {
                    $name = $info['topic'];
                    $loop = array($id=>true);
                    $parent = false;
                    while ($info['pid'] && ($info = $topics[$info['pid']])) {
                        $name = sprintf('%s / %s', $info['topic'], $name);
                        if ($parent && $parent['disabled'])
                            // Cascade disabled flag
                            $topics[$id]['disabled'] = true;
                        if (isset($loop[$info['pid']]))
                        $loop[$info['pid']] = true;
                        $parent = $info;
                    $names[$id] = $name;

            // Apply requested filters
            $requested_names = array();
            foreach ($names as $id=>$n) {
                $info = $topics[$id];
                if ($publicOnly && !$info['public'])
                if (!$disabled && $info['disabled'])
                if ($disabled === self::DISPLAY_DISABLED && $info['disabled'])
                    $n .= " - ".__("(disabled)");
                $requested_names[$id] = $n;

            return $requested_names;

        function getPublicHelpTopics() {
            return self::getHelpTopics(true);

        function getAllHelpTopics() {
            return self::getHelpTopics(false, true);
     function getitHelpTopics() {
            return self::getHelpTopics(true, false, 2);

  • Q: what is getPublicHelpTopics and where do I find it

    A: I would recommend search.  T hats how I find things in the code.
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