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Open Tickets mod / customisation

In my heart I keep on thinking this should be a fairly easy customisation to just create a new column in the table and then populate it with the data pulled out from the mySQL table... I have had a read through the code and I am getting my head in a twist.  So... I have come here to see if it can be done and how.

In the /scp, under 'My Tickets' I can see 'Department' as a header.

In the /scp, under 'Open Tickets', I cannot see 'Department' as a header... but now that we are rolling out OS Ticket to more departments, the ticket numbers are going up and we could do with having 'Department' listed purely for the purpose of filtering.  The top department has access to all other departments tickets for viewing, so as you can imagine, within my own view I can see over 100 tickets with many of these being unassigned, so need that extra filter ability.

If there are any other suggestions / opinions on how to filter through the information please let me know as this could be an idea.


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