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Locked Disable Resolved/Closed ticket


I'm using version osticket 1.10.. But I cannot find the function for lock the ticket if the ticket have been marked resolved/ or closed.

Means, when the tickets closed.. submitter or viewers only can view the ticket, but cannot Reopen the ticket


  • edited February 2017
    Hello @chekwan, if I understood your plight correctly, then:

    Go to:
    Admin Panel > Manage > Lists > Ticket Statuses > Click Closed > Item Properties tab > untick "Allow tickets on this status to be reopened by end users"

    Hope that helps :) You can do that for other ticket statuses too.
  • hi @sperrow

    thanks for the reply..

    I have tried that function, looks like it meet what I want.. will try explore more..

    thanks for the help.. cheers!
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