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Department Notifications for Claim and Assign

Hey everyone l need a little help with customizing class.ticket.php so that it will notify all department members when someone claims a ticket or assigns a ticket to another member. I had this working in older versions of osticket (latest one I had tried it with was 1.9.4) but for for the life of me I don't see why its not working with 1.10

I specifically modified the onAssign function by the recipients comment. Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.

        // Recipients
        $recipients = array();
        if ($assignee instanceof Staff) {
            if ($cfg->alertStaffONAssignment())
                $recipients[] = $assignee;
                    $recipients=array_merge($recipients, $members);
        } elseif (($assignee instanceof Team) && $assignee->alertsEnabled()) {
            if ($cfg->alertTeamMembersONAssignment() && ($members=$assignee->getMembers()))
                $recipients = array_merge($recipients, $members);
            elseif ($cfg->alertTeamLeadONAssignment() && ($lead=$assignee->getTeamLead()))
                $recipients[] = $lead;
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