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Automatic Drop Down Selection


I was looking at moving to OSTicket from sysaid. In Sysaid you could create categories and sub-categories. I have figured out how to add these boxes into the create a ticket page, but is there any way to have some sort of dynamic selection. 

Say in the first box i choose ICT. I then want the second box to list all the potential ICT problems (e.g. printer, pc). Then if i select printer in the 2nd box have a 3rd box with potential printer problems (e.g. Low toner, low paper)

I can add the options, but at the moment if someone selects printer in the 2nd box they will see both printer and pc problems in the 3rd box.


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  • Hello,

    I am using IIS on Server 2016 with PHP v7.0. The OSTicket version is 1.10
  • Admin panel -> Manage -> Forms -> create a form.
    add your fields.

    Click on Admin panel ->  Manage -> Help Topics.
    Add your custom form(s) to the help topics of your choice.
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