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Does anyone here use Screenconnect & would there be interest in an extension developed for osTicket?

Hello folks. I have a couple of friends that are currently working on an extension for Screenconnect & osTicket. Just trying to see how many here use Screenconnect and is there any interest in such a venture? What this api extension will do is when a ticket is created in osTicket, a remote session will be created in Screenconnect.

Now when that session is created in Screenconnect information from the Guest System will be transferred to into the open ticket in osTicket such as
Computer Name, Operating System, Memory, IP Address, MAC Address, Running Services. Also if a session is first created in Screenconnect then a ticket in osTicket will be created and Guest System information will initially populate the ticket.

Just trying to see if there is interest out here : ).   


  • While I personally don't have any interest (we use Kaseya where I work) I have found that if someone is interested in something like this then there is usually more people interested. :)
  • I love the idea but hate how screenconnect is a paid service.
  • And not cheap either!
  • I am interested - I use it and find it very robust. Although there is a cost the feature set is rich.
  • I used to use LogMeIn but it got way to expensive and I dropped them. I now use splashtop and wish it would integrate with OST somehow. I tried screen connect but was not impressed.
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