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Email Piping documentation issue

On the wiki page it says

"Email piping must be enabled in admin panel"

What does that mean? Where? How? I have found nothing about it in any of the admin screens in 1.10. There are some ambiguously named Email settings fields that maybe could be somehow what is being referred to here, but even then, more explanation and clarity is needed.

I wasn't sure where to post this - as a comment on the wiki page, as a bug somewhere - forgive me if this is the wrong venue.


  • edited February 2017
    2 year 10 months ago someone named Josh changed the document to say:  

    • Enable email piping in admin panel Settings -> preference  Note: This option appears to be removed from v1.7 - piping works without enabling.

    I've updated the page to include the strike through and not on all references.
  • Thanks. That's what seemed to be true.
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