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Client ticket view modification

I have gotten several requests from end users asking if I could add the Help Topic to the Client side ticket view. This because users can see all the organizations tickets and would like to learn from/help with those tickets. But at this time they can't easily see which device the tickets are for, making it a hassle to find the interesting ones. Adding help topic to the overview would solve this.

Here is what I am trying to do:


I have been looking at \include\client\ I can figure out how to add a column, but I cannot figure out how to properly populate it.

Anyone willing to help me with this?

As for the versions I'm running, I am running the Custom-Queues branch.

Server Information
osTicket Version1.8-git (?)  Upgrade— 901e5ea is available
Web Server SoftwareApache/2.4.17 (Win32) PHP/5.5.37
MySQL Version10.1.13
PHP Version5.5.37



  • This: 1.8-git (?)  is not a version.
    This: 901e5ea tells me that you are not running 1.10. Please upgrade to 1.10 stable.  You should not be using DPR or RC versions in production environments. 

  • yes yes, I know I know.

    But regardless of the version I'm running, I don't believe there has been any recent changes to the client side ticket view or how it works?

    I did have a look at that discussion and some others, but they all seem to be about the staff-side ticket view, not the client side.
  • The link that @ntozier provided talks about modifying the ticket list on the staff-side, 
    by modifying \include\staff\

    Did you think to try applying the same information by modifying include\client\
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