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Equipment Management

Hi Everyone
I would like to implement osticket on my enviroment but i need the possibility to assign a ticket to an equipment / asset ( for futher analys and report )

Thereis something capable for osticket 1.10 ?

I found that
But i think that is not under development anymore, it's stopped at 1.9.2

Any suggestion ??



  • You can create a department called equipment / asset and assign the ticket to that.  So... I'm not real sure what it is you are asking for..
  • No sorry
    What i need to do, is to create a asset database ( every customer will have one) and assign to a specific user an assest.
    So, if "USER A" will login , it can be possible to select for "which" asset it's needed support.
    After a month, a manager can, for exaple analyse the data and note that for example theres  a problematic workstation or a monitor or a type of keyboard are not of good quality
  • The only thing thats close to this that I have heard / seen for osTicket you have already linked:
  • Yes, but unfortunally isn't under development anymore and (tried also) it can't correctly run under osticket 1.10
  • You could try to contact the author also. :)
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