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Can't open mailbox {}INBOX: invalid remote specification

osTicket-Versionv1.10 (901e5ea) —  Up to date

We had the same problem and did what was suggested here:

But it didn't fix our problem, so we've tested and found out if we change the following thing in the "class.mailfetch.php" it works with POP Mail:

//Mail server string
            $this->srvstr=sprintf('{%s:%d/%s', $this->getHost(), $this->getPort(), $this->getProtocol());
            if(!strcasecmp($this->getEncryption(), 'SSL'))
//old                $this->srvstr.='/ssl';

//old            $this->srvstr.='/novalidate-cert}';

//new              $this->srvstr.='/ssl';

//new          $this->srvstr.='}';

With the new changed version our POP Account was fetched without problems and sending was also possible.

The funny thing is, after changing that we found out that the Logo and Backdrop Logo dissappeared, so we searched what was different in the class.mailfetch.php file and it looked like there have been some spaces or CR in the following line (red):

 //Is the email address banned?
        if($mailinfo['email'] && Banlist::isBanned($mailinfo['email'])) {
       //We need to let admin know...
            $ost->logWarning(_S('Ticket denied'),
                sprintf(_S('Banned email — %s'),$mailinfo['email']), false);
       return true; //Report success (moved or delete)

When we exchanged our edited file with the original one from the download package and just changed the /novalidate-cert thing again it worked with Mail and Logo, just to have it mentioned. As far as i remember, in the file not working there haven'T been a "€" within that line, so something was different.

Best regards


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