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MySQL or MySQLi with Osticket?


I'm not that big into databases and php, no programmer and no coder.
I'm using php 5.6.30 and MySQL at the moment with Osticket 1.10, but I do have MySQLi enabled on the server.

What is best to be used with OsTicket, Mysql or MySQLi and why?

I read about it on various pages on the internet, some say SQLi is faster, others say not. I know it has to do with instructions send by php.
But does it make any difference with Osticket in flawless working and speed which type you choose?


  • MySQL was deprecated at of PHP5.5, and supposed to be removed as of PHP7.  I'm pretty sure that osTicket 1.10 only uses MySQLi.
  • edited March 2017
    I read too that mysql was to be supposed to be removed, but also that it won't be removed as to the fact that too many users kept using it.

    My ost-config says this:
    #Mysql Login info

    Shouldn't this be mysqli if running on mysqli?
    Any benefits on running on mysqli?
  • The upgrader now says MySQLi. 

    My ost-config says that same thing as yours.
  • So then I'm also running MySQLi if I understand correctly.
    In that case this can be closed, thank you!
This discussion has been closed.