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Default Status in polish translation error

Hi everyone,

after instalation osTicket 1.10 with polish translation i field "Default Status" is empty in Admin -> Settings -> Tickets.
Also i can't see "Items" in Admin -> Manage -> Lists and i can't see and edit my "Custom Lists".
Configuration of "Tickets" is imposible.
When adding new "Ticket" redirects to empty open page.

This is PHP error log

PHP Fatal error:  Uncaught exception 'InvalidArgumentException' with message 'List indices should be integers' in /include/class.util.php:149
Stack trace:
#0 /include/class.forms.php(81): ListObject->offsetExists('message')
#1 /include/class.ticket.php(3564): Form->getField('message')
#2 /scp/tickets.php(328): Ticket::open(Array, Array)
#3 {main}

Moreover there is DB Error #1054 (below e-mail with mysql statement).

[SELECT A4.`staff_id` AS `lock__staff_id`, A1.`staff_id` AS `staff_id`,
A1.`isoverdue` AS `isoverdue`, A1.`team_id` AS `team_id`, A1.`ticket_id`
AS `ticket_id`, A1.`number` AS `number`, A2.`subject` AS
`cdata__subject`, A6.`address` AS `user__default_email__address`
, A1.`source` AS `source`, A3.`priority_color` AS `cdata__:priority__priority_color`, A3.`priority_desc` AS `cdata__:priority__priority_desc`,
A1.`status_id` AS `status_id`, A7.`name` AS `status__name`, A7.`state`
AS `status__state`, A1.`dept_id` AS `dept_id`, A8.`name` AS
`dept__name`, A5.`name` AS `user__name`, A1.`lastupdate` AS
`lastupdate`, A1.`isanswered` AS `isanswered`, B0.`firstname` AS
`staff__firstname`, B0.`lastname` AS `staff__lastname`, B1.`name` AS
`team__name`, (SELECT COUNT(R0.`id`) AS `count` FROM `ost_thread` Q7
JOIN `ost_ticket` Q8 ON (Q7.`object_type` = 'T' AND Q7.`object_id` =
Q8.`ticket_id`) LEFT JOIN `ost_thread_collaborator` R0 ON (Q7.`id` =
R0.`thread_id`) WHERE Q8.`ticket_id` = A1.`ticket_id`) AS collab_count,
(SELECT COUNT(R1.`id`) AS `count` FROM `ost_thread` Q7 JOIN `ost_ticket`
Q8 ON (Q7.`object_type` = 'T' AND Q7.`object_id` = Q8.`ticket_id`) LEFT
JOIN `ost_thread_entry` R0 ON (Q7.`id` = R0.`thread_id`) LEFT JOIN
`ost_attachment` R1 ON (R1.`type` = 'H' AND R0.`id` = R1.`object_id`)
WHERE Q8.`ticket_id` = A1.`ticket_id` AND R1.`inline` = 0) AS
attachment_count, (SELECT COUNT(R0.`id`) AS `count` FROM `ost_thread` Q7
JOIN `ost_ticket` Q8 ON (Q7.`object_type` = 'T' AND Q7.`object_id` =
Q8.`ticket_id`) LEFT JOIN `ost_thread_entry` R0 ON (Q7.`id` =
R0.`thread_id`) WHERE Q8.`ticket_id` = A1.`ticket_id` AND NOT R0.`flags`
& 4 != 0) AS thread_count FROM `ost_ticket` A1 LEFT JOIN
`ost_ticket__cdata` A2 ON (A1.`ticket_id` = A2.`ticket_id`) LEFT JOIN
`ost_ticket_priority` A3 ON (A2.`priority` = A3.`priority_id`) LEFT JOIN
`ost_lock` A4 ON (A1.`lock_id` = A4.`lock_id` AND A4.`expire` >
NOW()) JOIN `ost_user` A5 ON (A1.`user_id` = A5.`id`) LEFT JOIN
`ost_user_email` A6 ON (A5.`default_email_id` = A6.`id`) JOIN
`ost_ticket_status` A7 ON (A1.`status_id` = A7.`id`) JOIN
`ost_department` A8 ON (A1.`dept_id` = A8.`id`) LEFT JOIN `ost_staff` B0
ON (A1.`staff_id` = B0.`staff_id`) LEFT JOIN `ost_team` B1 ON
(A1.`team_id` = B1.`team_id`) WHERE A1.`ticket_id` IN (SELECT
A1.`ticket_id` FROM `ost_ticket` A1 JOIN `ost_ticket_status` A2 ON
(A1.`status_id` = A2.`id`) WHERE A1.`isanswered` = 0 AND A2.`state` =
'open' AND ((A2.`state` = 'open' AND A1.`staff_id` = 1) OR A1.`dept_id`
IN ('1'))) GROUP BY A4.`staff_id`, A1.`staff_id`, A1.`isoverdue`,
A1.`team_id`, A1.`ticket_id`, A1.`number`, A2.`subject`, A6.`address`,
A1.`source`, A3.`priority_color`, A3.`priority_desc`, A1.`status_id`,
A7.`name`, A7.`state`, A1.`dept_id`, A8.`name`, A5.`name`,
A1.`lastupdate`, A1.`isanswered`, B0.`firstname`, B0.`lastname`,
B1.`name` ORDER BY A3.`priority_urgency` ASC, A1.`lastupdate` DESC]

Unknown column 'A2.subject' in 'field list'<br />

<br />

---- Wsteczne śledzenie ----<br />

#0 (główny katalog)/include/mysqli.php(204): osTicket->logDBError('DB Error #1054', '[SELECT A4.`sta...')<br />

#1 (główny katalog)/include/class.orm.php(3133): db_query('SELECT A4.`staf...', true, true)<br />

#2 (główny katalog)/include/class.orm.php(3180): MySqlExecutor->execute()<br />

#3 (główny katalog)/include/class.orm.php(1865): MySqlExecutor->getArray()<br />

#4 (główny katalog)/include/class.orm.php(1815): HashArrayIterator->{closure}()<br />

#5 (główny katalog)/include/class.orm.php(1794): CallbackSimpleIterator->next()<br />

#6 (główny katalog)/include/class.orm.php(1803): CallbackSimpleIterator->rewind()<br />

#7 (główny katalog)/include/class.orm.php(1463): CallbackSimpleIterator->valid()<br />

#8 (główny katalog)/include/class.orm.php(1480): CachedResultSet->fillTo(9223372036854775807)<br />

#9 (główny katalog)/include/class.orm.php(1489): CachedResultSet->asArray()<br />

#10 (główny katalog)/include/staff/ CachedResultSet->getIterator()<br />

#11 (główny katalog)/scp/tickets.php(492): require_once('/home/virtual/w...')<br />

#12 (główny katalog)/scp/index.php(17): require('/home/virtual/w...')<br />

#13 {main}

osTicket Version v1.10 (901e5ea) — Up to date
Web Server Software Apache
MySQL Version 5.7.17
PHP Version 5.6.30-0+deb8u1

please help


  • The translation project is located at:

    Several people have reported issues running MySQL 5.7, you might consider running an earlier version.
  • But running a MySql version before 5.6 also gives trouble...
    Must be some fragile sql, which requires 5.6 especially,

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