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[resolved] Connection to IMAP server without SSL

My osTicket installation is using for its e-mail account connection to IMAP server (MS Exchange) without SSL on port 143 (It's on LAN). It was working OK before, but it has been like two months I started getting these error messages over e-mail:

Error: [CLOSED] IMAP connection broken (server response)

We have tried probably almost everything (even reconfiguring IMAP access on Exchange), but I can't figure out what's going on. Normal e-mail clients (Apple Mail, Thunderbird, Sylpheed) using same access information are working just fine.

Did anybody run to this? Any log I should take a look?


osTicket 1.10 on Fedora 25, Apache, MariaDB, PHP 7


  • Try PHP version less than 7

    PHP 5.6 seems to work well for most people

  • Please, try again and better. Thanks.

    If there is bug in PHP 7 IMAP library and you know it, please let me know. Thx.
  • And yet... Installed PHP 5.6 from remi repositories and I'm still getting that issue...
  • Are you using a shared mailbox as your OST email account?
  • What you mean by shared mailbox?

    Anyway, the problem is solved. Some dummy switched on computer with same IP address as the server with osTicket has...

    I'm really sorry to everyone!
  • "Shared mailboxes" are an Microsoft Exchange bug.... I mean feature.

    Kick the dummy in the shins. :)
    I'll mark this as resolved and close the thread. Feel free to start another thread if you have another issue, question feedback/suggestion, etc.

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