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[resolved] Images in Knowledgebase are not showing

I have a problem with Knowledgebase images since I uploaded osTicket to v1.10 - they are shown only if user is logged in (doesn't matter if it is an admin user or a regular one), even though knowledgebase articles are set to public.

When user is not logged in all images are broken and returning HTTP response 422 - Unprocessable Entity.

Also, knowledgebase attachments can not longer be downloaded unless user is logged in, probably because of the same underlining cause.

This is tested on multiple browsers, and the server on which osTicket is running is Debian 7, PHP version 5.4

This is a similar problem to the one described in ticket #3709, but still different enough to open a separate issue (at least I think so).


  • I would update your PHP version to 5.6.x - the version you have has issues with v1.10 OST. Let us know if that helps, I have a feeling it will. What is your database version? 
  • It looks like PHP update fixed this issue, thank you for your help.

  • I am glad that was the issue!!!! Easy fix :)

    I will close this thread since it's resolved, but please do not hesitate to open another one if you have further issues and/or questions.
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