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Point me in the right Direction Please

Wondering if someone can point me in the right direction to complete a modification I am working on.  

I am running osTicket 1.10

Each staff person that registers on the helpdesk has a work location that is identified by a 3 letter code. When I view a submitted ticket I can see the code in the contact information section of the modal window (looks like it is done via an ajax call)

What i am trying to achieve is to add that work location code found in the user contact information to the main ticket view in the table that displays the user info.

I found were to add the line in the table where I want to display, but I can't seem to see which function i need to call to get the information i need.  a var_dump of the user object doesn't seem to include the info I am looking for.

hope someone can point me in the right direction


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