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Allow users to submit on another user's behalf

So what I want to do is a feature of our previous ticketing system and I'm going to get a lot of moaning if I can't fit it into OS ticket. Basically we use ticketing for schools and often a school designates one or two people to submit tickets on other's behalf. In my instance I require login to submit a ticket. Is there a mod/code examples of someone sticking in something like a search box to a help topic form where they would be able to select from all the other users and have them actually be assigned to the ticket rather than the submitter? 

The hacky solution would be to just have it be a text field and have the agents manually change it. Again, I want to avoid "the moaning of life" from them :) 

Thanks in advance. 


  • Is there some reason why you wouldn't Make those "one or two people" Agents.
    Problem solved.  No hacking needed.
  • Yea, goo point, but it would be more than that. There are 16 facilities and the people change all the time. A good example would be the person who doesn't come up with the innovation they can use a different computer and they get someone else to put it in. Happens all the time. I know it seems petty but it magnifies fairly quickly. 
  • Then the only alternative is for people to share (User) accounts (which is never a good practice)... or to alter the code.  Of course if you do not use user accounts I imagine that anyone with an email address could open a ticket for anyone else whose email address they know.
  • My solution was to just create a custom "Ticket for other user?" Field that takes an email address. I then made a python task that looks for that field in the database and assigns it to the correct user if they are found. Bit of a hack but it's been working fine. 
  • Interesting work around.  Would you be willing to post the code (and changes) here on thge forums in case someone else wants to do this?
  • So this is extremely hacky and implementation specific. The python script just runs every 10 minutes and assigns the user based on a custom field were an email is input. It also emails an admin user once a day if there are situations where the input user isn't found. 

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