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Duplicate Tickets


Since I've upgraded to 1.10 that my fetched emails sometimes open new duplicated tickets.

Has I verified the DB table, I realize that the same email info (ost_thread_entry_email.mid) is integrated several times.

Can someone help me?



  • I haven't the foggiest idea what you are trying to relay to us.
    Are you not: deleting emails; moving emails to another folder after fetching?
  • Hi,

    We aren't doing anything to the emails.

    In the previous version when the same unread email info was fetched, it would integrate in the previous ticket.

    Now it duplicate the same mid several times...

    We cannot delete or move the emails...

    Thank you
  • osTicket does not recommend doing nothing with emails. They recommend putting them in a "processed" folder in IMAP or deleting the.  That being said I know that you said you cannot do either.... Is it prying if I ask why you cannot do either of those things?

    osTicket checks message-id first and tries to compare it to existing message-ids.  Then it checks the reference-id and in-reply-to.  Lastly if all else fails it checks the message subject for the ticket [#number] to see if it matches an existing ticket.  Are you using ticket number in subjects? (I'm just curious I dont think that this will help you).

    It can also take some time to check and process emails.  If one check starts before the other one has finished it can result in multiple emails being processed into multiple tickets.  Whats the time your cron.php is triggered on?  How many emails are you processing?

    I'll ping the devs to take a look a this, but I think that they would require an email (with full mail headers) to test this with.
  • These were new emails, so they don't have ticket number in the subject.
    I'm fetching 5 emails each minute.
    My OSTicket installation must be failing in the message id comparison because it inserts 5 times the same message id.
  • Could you please provide us with at least one email with its full header?
  • Hi,

    what do you mean by "full header"?

    Thank you
  • Email clients suppress most of the email headers and only display From, To, Subject, Date, CC, Priority.  He means he needs the raw email.
  • here it goes.

    this one is from today...
  • the DB screenshot
  • edited March 2017
    Hello Janeka,Could you please go to your email client and download the FULL raw email. The previous file only contained a bit of the header, I need the full header and full body. You can inbox me this as it might contain other people's email addresses or information.
  • Hi,

    Can you help me get that?

    I'm using Internet Headers in File > Info > Properties in the email message.

  • What email client are you using for the mailbox being fetched?
  • Outlook 2013
  • Open a new email, drag the email in question into the new email as an attachment. That will preserve the header details that Kevin is requesting for. You cannot forward the email, you have to drag it into a new email as an attachment.
  • Sorry...

    I'm having trouble getting the full header, so I've sent Kevin a link where he can download the msg file.

    Thank you for your time
  • Sounds good.  I'll ping Kevin to make sure that he got it.
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