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Allow clients to close tickets

Currently, clients have the option to post a reply when checking the status of their ticket. However, it would be very helpful to allow clients to close/resolve tickets if they no longer need assistance. If a solution is sent and it works for them, why do I then have to go and read the reply then manually close the ticket?

Is there a mode for this? The 'allow clients to edit details' option doesn't provide this functionality unfortunately. I can't find any settings within the admin panel which would enable this function.

Is it possible?


  • You cannot do this via the UI and you would have to alter the core source files to do this.  This is not something that I would recommend.
  • Hey mltech, do you still need assistance on this? I implemented it for our clients and it does not require a lot of customization.
  • hey @MartinLKP
    Can you help me with this?
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