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How to add a column in agents dashboard

i need an extra column "assigned agent" in the agents ticket and task dashboard.
how is it possible to do that, in whicht file i have to do it?


osticket: v.1.10
php: 7.0.13
database: 5.5.5-10.1.19-MariaDB


  • Ummm.  Base osTicket 1.10 already has an Assigned To field.
  • hello ntozier,
    yes i found in the code:

            'assignee' => array(
                'width' => '16%',
                'heading' => __('Agent'),

    but i can't see it in the frontend.
    is there anywhere a setting that i haven't seen or something like that?
    is it possible to add the column "status" (open, closed, etc...)
    i have tried to copy this code and put it after the "dept" code.
     'status__name' => array(
                'width' => '10%',
                'heading' => __('Status'),

    then i get an empty column...

  • "but i can't see it in the frontend."
    Are you saying that what you actually want is: "i need an extra column "assigned agent" in the USERS ticket [list]"
  • hi ntozier,
    yes, thats exactly what we want.
    in this list the assigned agent and the status of the ticket.

  • This thread tells how to do it for the Agent panel.  I'm not sure about the User side.  This may point you in the right direction though.

  • hi ntozier,
    thanks for your answer.
    i need this changes only in the agent panel, sorry for misundertood.
    in the agents panel we want to have the colums "assigned agent" and "Ticket Status".

    i have read the discussion you have mentioned above, but i think my programming skills are not good enough therefore.

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