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Ticket Thread Order

I am looking to change the order that the ticket thread is displayed in.  Currently it is displayed as oldest responses and activity at the top and newest at the bottom.  I would like it to be Newest at top and oldest at bottom.  Is there any way I can do this?  There is already a post about this for 1.9 however the lines you need to edit are no longer in that file.  I was wondering if someone knew where they might be or if there was maybe a setting I might have been missing.  Also is there any way to get the new post section to display above the ticket thread?


  • This is not  feature in the osTicket ui at this time.  I am not aware of any plans to offer this feature.

    You will have to alter the source to do this.  You would also have to prevent the auto scroll.  Moving thread to Mods and Customizations section of the forums.
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