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Deleting Guest Users Carried Over from 1.7

Hello All,

First post on the osTicket forums here, we recently upgraded our osTicket installation from 1.7 to 1.10 and are loving it so far. We just are looking for a way to remove certain guest user information from the system, such as misspelled email addresses and incomplete names, so the erroneous info doesn't come up when a user is searched for. We are also setting up AD Authentication in our upgraded installation and all of our clients will eventually login through that, but we want to preserve the correct "guest" accounts so they can still create a ticket if there is an issue with their AD account.

If anyone can help, wether it needs to be done through the database/backend or the frontend, it would be greatly appreciated!


  • So I used to do this a couple times a year, and now only do it once a year.

    Agent panel -> Users

    I locate dupes.  Move all the tickets under the one I want to keep.  Then delete the extra users with no tickets.
  • Thanks for the reply! Is there any way to change ownership of tickets in batches? Or am I going to have go into every single ticket under an erroneous account and move them individually?
  • The best way to do it in my opinion is to use the UI because there are a lot of moving parts and its easy to miss some of them doing it in the db directly.
  • Alright, thanks for the input. I'll probably have to devote an entire day to this project from the looks of it, but if it's the cleanest method, so be it. Thanks again.
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