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[resolved] Make default ticket status when agent replies to a ticket 'resolved' or 'closed'

edited April 2017 in Mods and Customizations
Just updated to v1.10 and looking for a way to implement a mod I had on previous versions which allowed me to have the default ticket status when an agent replies set to "closed"

It there any way to do this ?



  • ok, worked it out, probably some terrible coding, but for anyone else

    line 713

    $selected = ($statusId == $s->getId());

    change to

    $selected = (2 == $s->getId());

    that defaults the selection to resolved

    reason i do this is because normally after an agent replies, the issue is resolved (of course not always) and sometimes they forget to mark it as resolved. If its not resolved, the client re-opens it anyway.
  • Not sure anyone would want this, it's strange to have it close a ticket on reply from the agent. I can kind of understand the reasoning but I doubt folks want that as they use communication via email to be recorded in the ticket. However, it seems you resolved your own issue so i will go ahead and mark this closed/resolved. Feel free to open a new thread if you have any other questions.
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