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osTicket v.1.10 Printing problem


Installed osTicket v. 1.10, and everything works fine except printing content of ticket.
When i click on Print button i get new window in browser with this text:

Could not find PostScript font name: /home/www/web52/html/xx...xx/include/mpdf/ttfonts/DejaVuSerifCondensed.ttf

Checked for file, it is present on that location. Copied file from installation again, also tried to change permission on "ttfonts" folder to 777 but no success. 
Error still appears.
Any known solution for this problem?

My system informations are:

osTicket Version:   v1.10 (901e5ea) — Up to date
Web Server Software:   Apache
MySQL Version:   5.6.33
PHP Version:   5.6.19


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