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Close Answered Tickets

In general people contacting our support desk are very polite and if our response fixes the problem, they reply with a "Thank you" email.

Normally I close / resolve tickets when I reply with a solution which normally works, but this means the ones who send a thank you open the tickets again,  making the stats for re-opened tickets high.

What I would like to do is answer the tickets leaving them open and then have them automatically close after a couple of days if there is not a reply.


  • Hi jtaubman,

    I believe this is what you need:

    Best regards,
  • Thanks Nick that is pretty close,  but looks like it closes any open tickets not just those which were last replied to by Staff and show on the "Answered" tab.

    I can probably use that as base for the changes.
  • Hi jtaubman,

    With this implemented i believe you'd be able to alter the code to just close tickets with the back state "Answered" and not "Open"

    Best regards,
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