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Allow user to see certains tickets


I actually have an help topic personnal and inside there is a drop-down list with different choices (marketing, communication, sports etc....). I would like to allow a user (and not an agent) who is registered can see and manage tickets of his job. From example, people who works in communication can see only this category tickets.
The goal is to define one user per category and allow this user to see the corresponding tickets.

Thanks a lot.


  • Hi,

    If i understand clearly you want a user to be able to view tickets from other users?
    Sadly a user account (as far as i know) is limited to viewing their own tickets only.

    I'll have a look if i can realise such a feature for you.

    Best regards,
  • The only ways that a USER can view tickets that belong to another user are:
    1. log in as that user.
    2. create an Organization and add both users to that organization and all new tickets can be seen by memebers of that organization.
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