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[Request] Ticket Approval / Decline

I would love to have a mod to let a user approve another users ticket.

Let's say User #1 create a ticket and within the form has to pick another user (User #2) from a selected list of users who can approve his ticket. The ticket is then put on "Waiting for approval" until the selected user (User #2) either approve or decline his ticket.

This is exactly what my company needs. Is there any mod out there like this or anyone who might be able to code it? =)



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    So you want a user to be able to approve another user's ticket?
    I do not think such a feature is something that fits in with a ticket helpdesk system, sounds more like something you'd find on forums.

    Simply put the user registration on "Private"
    and select that only logged in people can create tickets.
    That way only people you make an account for can create tickets.

    Best regards,
  • We are using osTicket as an internal helpdesk with LDAP users only. Users can make orders of IT equipment and other stuff but their supervisor/boss has to approve the order. That's why we need this function. I know it's not a feature of osTicket at this moment and that's why im asking/requesting this feature/mod :)
  • You can do this with work flow:
    Setup department for each group.
    Add manager to department.
    Route tickets to said department.
    Manager gets email about ticket.
    Manager logs in and authorizes or declines ticket.
    Manager re-assigns ticket to IT.
  • Thanks ntozier, I know this works and is a workaround and is better than nothing but I was just asking if anyone had at complete mod for this or could make one :)
  • Hey Poisony,

    It sounds like you want to keep the supervisor on the client side?
    Where and how do you want the supervisor to see the tickets they need to approve? by email? in their tickets? in a seperate tab?
    What needs to be displayed for the supervisor?
  • Hey Micke,

    That is correct, on the client side. 

    I was thinking.. on the old helpdesk system we used it was approved through mail but we want to minimize the mails as much as possible so maybe on in their tickets in a seperate tab sounds good ? :)

    Thank you
  • But we would want the supervisor to get noticed by e-mail that he has a new ticket that needs to be looked at for approval, if you know what I mean.
  • Would it be possible to have that the supervisor is set as organization primary contact and that they can see all the organizations tickets or do you need it to be the extra field?
  • We have different departments within our company and we have about 30 supervisors total in the whole company. The user in department 1 should be able to pick supervisor 1 from a dropdown list within the "Create Ticket Form" if you know what I mean? 

    It's maybe a bad way to describe it?
  • In osticket a department is used for the staff and organizations are for the clients.
    I've made a hardcoded version which uses the organization primary contacts as supervisors if they have access to see organization tickets, this is to reduce modifications to corecode preventing migrations etc.

    You will need to look at the 3 comments if you want to test it, if this is ok i'll probably make a settings page.
  • Adding some pictures
  • Hi Can I get all the settings that need to be set up for this mod?
  • edited April 2017
    The way i've designed it right now you need to create 3 ticket statuses that you'll use, i've set it so that waiting for approval and approved are open and the denied status is closed.
    Now you need to go the settings for tickets and select the status that you want to use for waiting for approval etc.
    Now set the default status of a helptopic you want to have approval on, and set the default status to the waiting for approval status.
    After the statuses are available you need an organization with the coworkers and the supervisor, then you go into the settings for the organization and set the supervisor as a primary contact and that primary contacts can see all the tickets in the organization.

    Now the supervisor/primary contact will get the extra tab and there they can see all the tickets that belong to the users of that organization and have the status waiting for approval.
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