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osTicket v1.10 (stable) and Maintenance Release v1.9.15 are now available! Go get it now


I have two installs of osTicket on two domains/sites.

On one, I always have a link for "Open (x)" tickets:


On the other, I never have a link for open tickets:


Why? At times, I can't even get to "open" tickets screen because there is no other way to get to it.  But I can't figure out how I don't get the "Open (x)" tickets link????


  • Please help us to help you by reading and following the posting guidelines located in this thread: Please read before requesting assistance.  The more information you give us the better we will be able to assist you. Thank you.

  • I'm not sure what other information is needed for this issue? Between the two installs, both are setup the same. They are just on two different domains.  Even my PHP version is the same.
  • "Even my PHP version is the same."

    That's fantastic! What version is it? 
    What version of osTicket? 
    Server and MySQL information? 
    And maybe click the link I sent and read what information it suggests you include when requesting assistance. 

  • I did read the info and I don't see how any of that would help since this should be a setting issue, but okay...

    - osTicket v1.10
    - PHP v5.6
    - MySQL v5.5
    - Apache v2.2
    - CENTOS 5.8
  • Have you modified the core source files?
    I cannot think of ANY setting that would make osTicket not have an open tab.  Even when there are no just open tickets it displays that tab.  Even if you go to Admin panel -> Settings -> Tickets and check/uncheck Assigned Tickets and Answered Tickets is doesn't change that.  It will display Open (0).

    Also why would you have a problem getting to your open tickets?  All you have to go is click on the Agent Panel -or- log in and it takes you right to the Open Ticket Queue. (ie you can go to the Admin panel and then go to the Agent panel and be back at open tickets.
  • ntozier,
    These are all questions I have, too!  When I first log-in, I'm on the Open Tickets page (but no link). Then, if I click on the Closed Tickets, I'm done.  Even when I click the Agent Panel, it goes to the CLOSED tickets list. I have to log-out then log back in to get to the Open Tickets list (unless I actually have an open ticket, then the link shows up).

    If I have an open ticket, then I do get the Open Tickets link, but as soon as I close that ticket I lose the link again.  It's really strange.

    My other install of osTicket for another domain works fine. Same server.
  • I could copy the code from the working install (minus the /include/ost-config.php) over the non-working one and see what happens.  

    NOTE: back up your sites first!
  • But, I haven't changed the code. In fact, I installed both from the same download from osTicket.

    There must be a setting or something I'm missing. Or, there is a bug that I happened to have something set that is triggering the bug. The link wouldn't just go away when there are no open tickets unless the code provided for that ability somehow.
  • edited April 2017
    And copying the code from the working site to the non-working site will confirm that your non-working site should be working.  There are no settings in osTicket that gets rid of the open queue.
  • Actually, I fixed it!

    All of my tickets so far have been created by me (not via e-mails).  Just created a ticket via e-mail, then closed it. Now, I have the Open (x) link all the time.

    Must be a bug?
  • I just had this happen to me on my test enviroment, it seems to happen when there is no tickets in the open and answered queue.

    Quick fix is to comment out these 2 lines

    Gonna look into the function for a cleaner solution.
  • Ok this seems to be a better solution
    $stats['open'] = 0;
  • Micke1101, which line in class.ticket.php?  There are only 2497 lines of code.
  • That sounds very odd, according to the github page there should be 3678, if nothings been modified that is.

    Look for the function function getStaffStats($staff) { and then after the row $stats = array(); add $stats['open'] = 0;
  • Thanks. I wanted to make sure since github has it differently than NotePad++. :)

  • I've done this, but it doesn't seem to have fixed the issue. I still have no Open (x) link if there are no actual open tickets. FYI
  • Your file on Github and mine are different. I have the latest version of osTicket 1.10. Is that the version you have?

    The $stats = array(); is line 2063 for me. Your online file also has two additional include_once more than I have!?
  • Yes, i have 1.10 on all of my setups.

    I just downloaded the release zip of 1.10 and opened it in notepad++ and it's 3678 lines, the same length as on the github.

    I also ran a diffchecker test
    as you can see the difference is neglectable.

    So i'd say that if your class.ticket.php only has 2497 lines that there's something wrong with it.
  • Okay -- maybe I just need to remove and start over. Not sure what happened. Thank you!

  • My bad -- looks like I have a second (older) version installed somehow. Anyway, the file is the same as your version and I added your fix. It worked!  Thank you very much!!!!
  • I was having the same problem and after applied the fix proposed by Mike1101 it is working now.
    Proposed fix:
    $stats['open'] = 0;
    bellow the line 2940 in /osticket/include/class.ticket.php
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