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Adding custom fields to the ticket table and sorting them

edited April 2017 in Mods and Customizations
I am trying to add custom fields to the ticket table. 


So I've followed these steps.

I've added a new header by modifying the $query_coloumns

$queue_columns = array(
        'severity' => array(
            'width' => '7.4%',
            'heading' => __('Severity'),

I can see a $sort_options array - is this for the button on the right hand side?

I've added the custom field to the $tickets->values

This adds the field to the table.
                    <?php echo $T['cdata__severity']; ?>

I've added this case to the switch ($sort_cols) 

case 'severity':
    $tickets->order_by('cdata__severity', $orm_dir_r);

^ I am unsure how to fix this sorting issue. Its not setting the dir - 0/1


  • edited April 2017
    This does not appear to be a Suggestion or Feedback.  Moving thread to Mods and Customizations.

    I presume this is osTicket 1.10?

  • Sure - I am not sure which version - some sorting of the coloumns work and they don't have case specific parts to them.
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