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[MOD] Knowledgebase & Require client login

Hi, I have installed osTicket 1.10 as a new install and so far very impressed.

My only real query is the relationship on the Knowledgebase, and the require client login.

I have Settings -> KB -> Require Client login checked, and this removes the KB section from the front page prior to sign-in, but after the client has signed in, and looked at KB entries, thereafter even when logged-out, the KB items now appear under the Featured Questions section on the RHS of the front page.

All FAQ / Categories are set to Public, but I would not expect to see these entries

Its intresting to note that when NOT logged in, then attempting to click on the link of the featured question, do not do anything ( which is correct)

Is this correct, or is there somewhere I can modify the files to remove the features questions section from the front page.





  • I have self fixed this problem, and if anyone else is intrested have changed the following file

    \include\client\templates\sidebar.tmpl.php at line 23 to be :

           <div class="content">

     if ($cfg->isKnowledgebaseEnabled()){  ?>
           <div class="content">

       $faqs = FAQ::getFeatured()->select_related('category')->limit(5);
       if ($faqs->all()) { ?>
                <section><div class="header"><?php echo __('Featured Questions'); ?></div>
      <?php   foreach ($faqs as $F) { ?>
                <div><a href="<?php echo ROOT_PATH; ?>kb/faq.php?id=<?php
                    echo urlencode($F->getId());
                    ?>"><?php echo $F->getLocalQuestion(); ?></a></div>
     <?php   } ?>
    <?php   } ?>

  • Moving thread to mods section of the forums.
    Should I also close it?

  • hi ntozier,

    Yes please , OK to close it.

This discussion has been closed.