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multiples departments with multiples help topics in the same landing page


How can I configure a "landing page" with multiples "departments" not just IT, each one with multiples "help topics" and with diferents "SLA plans"?


Jefeson Alves


  • Hi,

    I thought in a possibility, but I don't found in the custom form. Is it possible to include the help topic in a custom form?


    Jefeson Alves
  • Hey,

    I'm not sure I follow what it's you want, but it sounds like the standard http://localhost/open.php page, you can select the help topic and then a help topic can be configured to have a different SLA plan than another help topic and the same can be done for the department.
  • Hi,

    Ok, but I need create the following structure of "help topic" for multiples departments, for example:

    Department IT:
    - e-mail (help topic) - Plan SLA: 1h;
    - internet (help topic) - Plan SLA: 2h.

    Department Sales:
    - Service 1 (help topic) - Plan SLA: 2h;
    - Service 2 (help topic) - Plan SLA: 3h.


    Jefeson Alves
  • If the attached image works then that can be configured using the standard setup.
    You can have different SLAs based on which option is chosen and it can be set to go to the department you want it to go to.
  • Hi, Micke1101,

    I have configured this way, but I have 30 departments and each one has about 10 "help topics". This is complicated for end user.

    See an example in the OTRS.


    Jefeson Alves
  • edited May 2017
    I won't be able to test this for now but a quick solution you could do that will allow you to do something like this

    $filter = array(
                "it"=>array(1, 2, 3),
                "sales"=>array(4, 5, 6)

    Now we need to apply this filter IF it's defined, so before this line:
    add something like this

    if(!isset($_GET['d']) || in_array($id, $filter[strtolower($_GET['d'])]))
  • Ok tested and it works, but i would change the if on line 79 to this instead to prevent errors showing up if someone modifies the link to something doesn't exist in the filter

    if(!isset($_GET['d']) || !is_array($filter[strtolower($_GET['d'])]) || in_array($id, $filter[strtolower($_GET['d'])]))
  • Please, send for me a screen after the changes.
  • @Micke1101 Okay, implemented the code. I'm not sure how to move on and create a different index.php with custom FAQ and custom New Ticket. What does the array represent?
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