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Creating custom fields on form section at version 1.10

Hello, I'm using osticket version 1.10 (The last I got last week).
I've created two new fields on my form section, at ticket data.

It works fine at os ticket panel and I noticed that osticket has created two new fields in ost_ticket__cdata table, following the variable name that I set up.

I edit my tickets selecting values for those new fields and it persists correctly in control panel,  but when I export the CSV report from my Open Tickets, it brings me those two columns with empty values. I also noticed that the fields are also empty in ost_ticket__cdata.

I've already used the form section in a previous version of osticket and it used to work fine. Is there something wrong with this version or something has changed and there are some configuration to setup that I don't know?


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