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Need to change name of "Organizations" to "Support"

Hi guys,

My company are looking to change the "Organizations" tab to "Support" because in there we will have silver support, gold support etc.

As the discussion title suggests, does anyone know a way to change this? I believe from what I have read through the forums that OSTicket currently do not support this?

Is there anyway that someone could point me in the direction to be able to edit this in the PHP files?

I have attached a photo of what I am trying to get changed.

Any help would be greatly appreciated


  • edited May 2017
    Hello @dannetctrl, sure here you go:
    To change tab name, edit osticketmaindir/include/class.nav.php and look for:

                    case 'dashboard':
                        $subnav[]=array('desc'=>__('Agent Directory'),'href'=>'directory.php','iconclass'=>'teams');
                        $subnav[]=array('desc'=>__('My Profile'),'href'=>'profile.php','iconclass'=>'users');
                    case 'users':
                        $subnav[] = array('desc' => __('User Directory'), 'href' => 'users.php', 'iconclass' => 'teams');
                        $subnav[] = array('desc' => __('Organizations'), 'href' => 'orgs.php', 'iconclass' => 'departments');
                    case 'kbase':
                        $subnav[]=array('desc'=>__('FAQs'),'href'=>'kb.php', 'urls'=>array('faq.php'), 'iconclass'=>'kb');
                        if($staff) {
                            if ($staff->hasPerm(FAQ::PERM_MANAGE))
                            if ($cfg->isCannedResponseEnabled() && $staff->hasPerm(Canned::PERM_MANAGE, false))
                                $subnav[]=array('desc'=>__('Canned Responses'),'href'=>'canned.php','iconclass'=>'canned');

    Change the bold part to Support.

    To edit "Organizations" when you click on the tab, because it would make sense to change it too, edit this file:

    And look for:
                <div class="pull-left flush-left">
                    <h2><?php echo __('Organizations'); ?></h2>

    Change it to whatever you want.
  • Sperrow, thank you very much. I really appreciate that.

    I will now try that.

    Again, thank you :)
  • Hello Sperrow,

    I hope you don't mind me asking, may I ask, how do I change this bit (see attached)

    thank you
  • I can't see the attachment for some reason? but this is the link

  • Sure @dannetctrl, edit this file:

                        <th><?php echo __('Organization'); ?>:</th>
                            <span id="user-<?php echo $user->getId(); ?>-org">
                                if ($org)
                                    echo sprintf('<a href="#users/%d/org" class="user-action">%s</a>',
                                            $user->getId(), $org->getName());
                                elseif ($thisstaff->hasPerm(User::PERM_EDIT)) {
                                    echo sprintf(
                                        '<a href="#users/%d/org" class="user-action">%s</a>',
                                        __('Add Organization'));

  • You have been an amazing help Sperrow. Thank you.

    I was going to try build a drop down menu in there, so if a user changes support (from Silver to Gold or vice versa) we could change it, but I don't think this is doable?

    No pressure to answer that though, You have been an amazing help.

    Thank you again.
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