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Task created by me

Sorry for my english, but I want to ask, if there a option to add a custom button, which will show in Tasks page tasks created by me next near to Open, My Tasks ... I add the button, but I need some help with a background with application. I attach a screenshot what I mean.

Martin Ryban


  • Please re-attached your screenshot. 
  • No screen shot.
    Not sure what you mean.
  • here is it
  • This is not a feature of osTicket at this time. 
    Also "task creator" does not appear to be a stored value, so there is no way to do this.
  • Just as ntozier says there is no value stored for who created the task inside of the task itself but there is in the events.

    So the following query should provide you with the tasks that you've created (if your staff_id equals 1)

    SELECT T1.`object_id` FROM 
    (SELECT `id`, `object_id` FROM `ost_thread` WHERE `object_type` = 'A') T1
    (SELECT `thread_id`, `uid`, `state` FROM `ost_thread_event` WHERE `state` = 'created' AND `uid` = 1 AND `uid_type` = 'S') T2
    ON T1.`id` = T2.`thread_id`
    WHERE T2.`uid` IS NOT NULL
  • Oh nice.  I didn't think to look there.
  • Thank you Micke1101, I was looking in the database and I find this too, but I have no idea how to write a php script to show this in the osTicket  Tasks dashboard...
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