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Getting Ticket Assignment Alert to be reply-able

I've been working on some modification to allow an agent to reply to ticket emails directly and have the client receive an email, the #1 feature request I get. That is all working. However, agents still can't reply to the "Ticket Assignment Alert" email as with other correspondences or even as the client can with their new ticket alert email. I tried adding the [#TICKETNUMBER] in the subject and "-- reply above this line --" in the body but it still will attempt to create a new ticket (which a filter rejects). 

Can someone help me understand how osTicket 1.10 determines how to route a ticket and if there is any way I can do this? In some old version threads I read about the bracketed ticket number but that does not seem to be working. Thanks in advance!


  • Would be nice to see this as a plugin/core feature of OSTicket. However, since this is not anything with the core of OSTicket, I am moving this to Mods and Customizations. 
  • Thanks I wasn't sure if it actually did work but I was doing something wrong or it just wasn't a feature. I figured since the clients can reply to thier welcome email, it would hold to reason the agents could as well.
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