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how to enlarge the page

i have added 3 columns in the ticket staff page, there is a mode for enlarge the entire page width? because the table go out of page.
i add a file below of the problem


  • You will have to edit the core source files.  Specifically the css files to change the page width etc.

    Make sure that you back up your site before you muck around.
  • hi
    thanks for reply me, but witch css file i must to modify?
  • scp.css i've found it :) thanks for all
  • For anyone else that finds this and struggles with it ... I found and changed the #container "width:960px" value and it didn't seem to be working.  After a couple hours of fighting with it, it turned out I only needed to clear my browser cache.  (Hitting refresh wasn't adequate!)  I hope this helps someone else avoid the same stupid mistake I did!
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